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We’d like to invite you to submit your photos/videos and bio to HMG. We’d love nothing more then to write an Article all about the girls who come here, tell their story, share their pictures and have all our members rate you. No harsh statements or cut downs are ever allowed on our website for girls who submit. But this gives them a chance to read all about you, see you and comment on the article. You’ll be able to be entertained with all the feedback you’ll receive here on HMG.

Nude is NOT required. You can tell us anything you’d like about yourself, your relationships, past, job, education, hobbies and even sexual desires. Whatever you’d like us to share. That along with some pictures and/or videos we’d love to tell your story to the 1.1 million people who visit HMG monthly.

If you have a website, social media site or anything else you’d like to plug along with your story please feel free to add it in the email you send us, that we’ll use to write the article all about you. Almost 90% of our followers, readers and members are military or past military, but you having military affiliation is not required. Tell those who serve what you’d like to say, regardless of what that may be, they’ll hear what you have to say here on HMG, the largest freedom of speech and expression site for military in existence.

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