Military Forums

Military Forums

Military forums are popular among military members past and present. There is a number of forums out there with all kinds of different topics. Some are funny but most are informative military forums. Of course if your reading this your well aware of our niche of military forum. HMG is basically no rules when it comes to nudity but we take security very serious. Forums are sometimes frequented by those wanting to do harm to military members past or present. This is why you have to be very aware and think smart when posting on forums. Never post your real name, location, Unit or that info about any of your friends or co-workers. Here is some popular forums you may enjoy.


Military Social Media

Military forumsSocial media is another place you should think smart when posting. If your in the military or are a Veteran and publicly display yourself and others in uniform you should have your social media accounts locked down so only friends and family have access to your pages. remember if it’s public everyone in the world can see what you post. If there is information that can be gathered from your posts to assist in any kind of an attack you may not even realize it. Do not risk it, lock down your social media it’s that simple.


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