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May 5, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Military Girls on Instagram

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Military Girls on Instagram

Here at HMG we’re looking for the hottest military girls posting on Instagram to come join our team and do LIVE social media streams with our fans across the world. Simple clean live chat with the Troops and Veterans around the world. We’d love any of the follow girls. Military girls on Instagram, military wives on Instagram

Operacja K.R.OK! ⛺ #polishgirls #militarygirls #soldiers #selfie #gorzow

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LEFT: NOW / RIGHT 2 YEARS AGO Wow talk about #transformationtuesday I don't think many people know what they are getting into when they do a "show" it made me feel like I was fat once I put on my healthy body weight . I had to constantly tell myself that I liked good . Now I look in the mirror and see a small waist flat but no abs and big butt hips and thighs and I finally love it ! I am all about loosing weight the healthy way and reaching your goals… but this is too much ! not all coaches will do this to your body. My meal plans are awesome because it's a variety of food . I'm not going to cut out something completely so that when you feel like having a vacation or eating that food your body won't freak out and swell and hang in to it for dear life . Yo yo is what that is . LOVE yourself enough to change your bad habits or eating habits . You also need to love yourself inside and out . This goes for everything in life and your body is just a reflection of yourself inside as well. In your relationships in life do you put up with things that you shouldn't because you LOVE others more than yourself . I see it so much and I've seen it in myself . Don't accept things that you wouldn't do to anyone else you love . REAL love wouldn't hurt you , wouldn't bring you down in life , wouldn't make you feel like nothing or replaceable . YOU accept that behaviour so you CANT cry about it because you know what you are letting happen . People will change on their own…if they WANT to change . DONT force someone to try to be what you want . LOVE yourself before you love anyone . Because if you did love yourself you wouldn't let that bad relationship friend , family , girlfriend , boyfriend to let theM Treat you like that . TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS ! ❤️

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Here, have a selfie * * * * #GirlsWithGlasses #Selfie #USAF #AirForce #UnitedStates #Military #militarygirls

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WHAT do the WEEKENDS mean to YOU? Comment below lmk For me it means finally letting my hair down and maybe dressing up to go to dinner with my friends . It means catching up on clients and meal plans . It means I can get more than 4 hours of sleep . I train harder in the gym . I don't stop working when u take my uniform off . If you only hustle when the boss tells you will always be a sheep…We need sheep, but if u don't want to be your own boss have less stress and work hard for yourself not someone else all your life …. START doing things that will make people pity you for hard work but envy your results Waist trainer @squeezmeskinny Discount code: WONDERWOMAN Worldwide online coaching (at home workouts )

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Believe it or not, this is a picture of me. I know I know, USAF ABUs are just that good at camouflage.

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FLASH SALE 20% OFF @squeezmeskinny waist trainers 12 week combo plan online coaching ! just $100 till Friday night ! purchase at⭐️ Discount code for both deals WONDERWOMAN On or off duty I am constantly thinking or doing things to better myself and future . You should be just as effective at work as with your personal life . You wouldn't go to work and suck at your job ? So why would you go home and not try to work out or do things to help your skills or learn new ones . ALWAYS try to do your best at EVERYTHING ! Be safe love you all ❤️

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What is your pet peeve on dates ? Comment below and lmk My pet peeve is if you're out on a date…YOU SHOULDN'T BE on your phone! Die to the military I'm away from my loved ones and boyfriend I would do anything to be across a table from them. Even after a month of being together 24/7 we couldn't stop touching or kissing . If you're with the right one that's how it should be . Or how about stop taking what you have in front of you for granted . Even josh and I bring active on social media put our phones away when we are out doing anything . So when I see that it gets me angry and sad. I then quickly change to happy that I am not in a relationship like that . Social media can be used for frat things ! Motivation, information , just killing time while waiting . You need to draw a line though !

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Mark Hines
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