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April 26, 2017
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June 6, 2017

Alessandra Bosco – Look Back on an Amazing Women

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Alessandra Bosco – Look Back on an Amazing Women

On Memorial Day 2008 Alessandra Bosco, married to an activity duty Soldier developed and created the idea for the 2009 Military calendar Weapon Of Mass Distraction while stationed in Germany. The calendar was released on Memorial Day 2009.

She spent 6,000.00 Euros of her own money to launch the calendar which included the photographers and equipment and all pre production costs. The calendar was shot at 3 Military bases in Germany using authorized Military equipment.

She also had to pay to have the calendars mass shipped around the world. She sold the idea to AAFES and her calendar was sold at 250 AAFES worldwide. The support from the Military members was overwhelming which reached even the Pentagon. All calendar proceeds went back to the Military members and their families in the form of charity.

The First Week of Sales

The first week of sales was 120,000.00 Euros. The calendar was in all major news media for about 18 months. The historic calendar is available for $ 20.00. The calendar was the first in history by a Military spouse.

Purchase the calendar here – Alessandra Bosco


Here at HMG we’ve been in contact with this amazing women and her husband the last few weeks. We’re proud to bring you some exclusive photos from her collection just for us at HMG.

Mark Hines
Mark Hines
Own and operate 3 adult military websites that provide others the chance to upload and share their pictures and videos for military members to enjoy.

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