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May 3, 2017
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June 6, 2017

Hot Military Girls Network Being Developed

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Hot Military Girls Network Being Developed

HMG is in the process of developing a very secure network for our users, brothers and sisters around the world. We’ve been watching as girls get in trouble, guys get in trouble and the news exposes it. Viral posts, pictures and videos explode online and make our military community look bad. We’re developing a network where we all can run our own websites. Blogs, communities and even secure secret areas that we control.

You as a user will be able to fully control an entire website like HMG. Your websites can be public, private or even super secure with invite only. These sites will be very powerful, you’ll be able to easily edit, design and integrate advanced features. We’ve already developed and are testing now.

Make Money on Your HMG Website

Want to monetize your community website? That’ll be possible too. We understand there are tight groups of friends and online communities that want to share but with each other, maybe not the entire community of HMG. That’s why we’re developing this, for us and our military community.

We’re well known for respecting our ladies in uniform and are committed to the security of our brothers and sister. We are the perfect company to launch this super secure, empowering community of websites giving you all the control. It’s better that we Veterans and military take control of this and lock our shit down now. No more public social media posts that can go viral and expose and embarrass us. You will have the option to run a public website and community, but the activity on it will be monitored closely. The building of this HMG network is to lock our content down and protect the identities & safety of ourselves so others don’t have to do it for us by implementing laws and regulations to control us.

Moderators & Admins Wanted

We’re looking for the dedicated long term HMG followers to contact us. The moderation team that will constantly be working to keep this network safe. Our members and our security needs to be protected. Are you willing to help in keeping our content from never going viral again? Military and Veterans ONLY for moderators. Email Mark Hines at


Mark Hines
Mark Hines
Own and operate 3 adult military websites that provide others the chance to upload and share their pictures and videos for military members to enjoy.

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