Military Girls and Veterans We Want to Tell Your Story

Military Girls and Veterans We Want to Tell Your Story

Attention military girls and Veterans we want to tell your story. Here at HMG we want to tell the real life stories and struggles of military women and Veterans. It doesn’t have to be some crazy story or out of the ordinary. We want real life stories from real military women who raised their hands to serve. These stories will not be sexual based thou you can add that in if you want. Our purpose is to share the day and life of military women. What are the struggles, what are the joys. We want to hear about your best moments and your worse.

Military women face a whole different environment serving in the military then men and we want to show that. It’s difficult at times to be a single, married or single parent women serving in the military. We want to share real life stories that end good and that end bad. We want to educate and share your stories so it helps others and allows you a platform to share your experiences.

HMG is not just a place for our military and Veterans to go and enjoy sexy women, it’s a place, rather will be a place where we can find many things that interest the military minded. The pictures you share with us to put in your article will be totally up to you and in fact we prefer them to be clean non nude, non sexual based because after all it’s the real life story of you and most of you, sexual pictures are not what dominate your life but rather is a once in awhile thing when your feeling sexy!

The purpose of these stories/articles is to simply tell your story! To start the process with you of telling your story please email Mark Hines at so we can get started.

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