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Military nudes and non nudes of real military women, wives, girlfriends and supporters. There is over 55,000 members sharing and engaging with one another. Hot Military Girls has been online since 2008 and thousands pf military men and women have connected. It’s easy to find old friends here too.

Always Looking for Military Girl Models

We get a ton of requests from outside agencies looking for military girls who do modeling so we encourage you to touch base with us, even if you choose not to post and share your pictures/videos on HMG. We also hire real military girls to do non nude photo/video shoots for use in marketing and blogging. If your willing to do nudes and are past or present military we’ll be sure to follow all laws and policies to ensure you don’t violate any. If your military but don’t want to be identified as military that’s fine too, we can put you in touch with some amazing other agencies that don’t highlight military girls. Currently we’re looking for military girls, wives or girlfriends to be in our 2018 calendar project. It is non nude but sexy military themed.

The Military Girls Forums

The forums have categories for every branch nude and non nudes. They also have forum categories for wives, girlfriends and supporters. Basic everyday non nude pictures and videos are always welcome. When you register it’s free and if you share 5 or more pictures or videos that have not been shared before you’ll receive full access to the forums. Join the largest adult military community in the world today. Your friends are here we pretty much guarantee it.

Hot Military Girls Social Media

HMG has a wide variety of social media accounts and many of our users join and engage on there as well. For example if your at work and don’t want to have HMG on the screen of your phone, just enter the private Facebook group where we engage daily and very close friendships have grown. Some relationships have even happened from being a member of HMG.

Secret Military Nudes Ability

Secret military nudes are possible on HMG as well. Easily upload military nudes to your profile galleries and set those galleries to private. You can make your galleries private, for friends only or public to the website only. Profile galleries are not viewable by anyone outside the network unless they have full access. This makes it easy to invite and share your military nudes with only people you have on your HMG friends list. It’s discreet and easy. Make and use your profile to maintain private friendships that only you have access to.

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