Military Swingers

Military swingers are common within the Armed Forces. With a large number of singles and couples all around the same age and generally in pretty damn good shape it gets pretty freaky. Mixed with clubs and parties these young military singles and couples get it on. As swinging gets more common in a couples relationship they tend to push the limits a little more. Just being right there watching their spouse or significant other isn’t enough. As you can see in this photo this Army girl wants girls to come fuck her husband while she’s deployed.

As a prior swinger myself I found it exciting and got a huge thrill out of this exact thing. The issues can come early on or later on. But if continued I assure you that issues will arise. If you don’t stop the entire thing from escalating then you’re doing well, but many times both people want to push it a little farther. Rules end up being broken and then changed to fit the desires of one or both people. This is when things start going bad. I recommend if your agreeing on becoming a swinger that you set rules right up front and changing those rules is not allowed.

Military Swingers

Protect your relationship by limiting how much you swing or have sex with other people. Yea I get it, inviting others in can be a huge thrill. Limiting these encounters allows for time in between these encounters where you two re-connect. Maintaining the foundation of love and trust you have for each other. My wife and I have forever written off participating in this behavior. Our marriage of 17 years almost ended. Keep in mind for years we preached how it could be done and done without problems if done right. We thought we were the exception but after many years it got out of control and we actually lived apart with other people.

Thankfully living apart didn’t last long and we both did what was needed to reunite. It was wasn’t fair to the other people involved, it did major damage to our trust in one another and we lost a shit load of money.  Yea it’s fun! Yes it feels awesome! Just be careful and limit it and I recommend never one on ones without the other person there. That’s just my view!

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