Army Girls Getting Naked

Army Girls Getting Naked

Army girls getting naked as forever been something their co-workers would love to see. That tent or barracks where all the Army girls stay has long time been off limits to the males. We lay in our bunks wondering what it’d be like to be over there while the Army girls are showering, changing their cloths and even masturbating in bed. We know all those things are taking place, but which ones are masturbating? All of them? Maybe not all of them, but their all getting naked at some point. We’d love to see that one very dedicated, hard working Army girl that’s always professional. We’d love to see her naked.

In the end we’re just not going to be in there. We know it’s never gonna happen so we lay there and just wonder. Maybe later in the deployment we’ll get to know that girl we have in our sights! We’ll say something funny in the hopes she laughs and makes us feel ok with talking to her more. We try sitting a little closer at chow, we try to have eye contact to give a little smile and we position ourselves nearby in the hopes that she opens up a conversation. If she doesn’t we will given the opportunity.

What do we think when we look at that finger and we don’t see a ring? We think we might just have a chance with her. Military men have mastered the ability to see an Army girl and know if she has a good body under that uniform. Civilian men could never pick out a hot body under a uniform because they really are hiding many of the curves we traditionally look for. Now when that blouse comes off and she only has the t-shirt on we really can tell how nice those tits are. Army t-shirts give away the secrets the blouse is trying to hide.  Tell us about the hottest Army girl you’ve ever seen!


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