Introducing Our Top 5 Fan Group Girls

Introducing Our Top 5 Fan Group Girls

HMG is proud to introduce the first Fan Group girl owners of HMG. Their real girls who enjoy posting and sharing their amazing pictures and videos with their fans. The Fan Groups allow them to fully control who views and has access to their content. Assuring they have full control is important to HMG. So many social media websites just blast their posts all over for millions to view, steal and repost their content. When the girls then want their content offline it’s too late, the pictures and videos have already blasted all over the internet.

Introducing Our Fan Group GirlsThe first Fan Group we’d like to mention is Gia Nichole’s. Gia is co-founder and owner of HMG and has well over 1000 pictures to share in her group and almost 100 videos. Gia adds to her group weekly and sometimes daily so her fans always get more then anyone else. no where else but her group can you see every video and all her photos. Gia is a natural DD girl and Army wife who loves getting to know her fans. Gia is a bi sexual girl who enjoys men and women. A long haired brunette with special skills in getting that perfect shot. We invite you to go join her fan group or join HMG and her fan group for 1 special price.

Gia Nichole’s HMG Profile *** GIA NICHOLE***

Gia Nichole’s Fan Group *** Gia Fan Group***

Join Gia’s Fan Group & HMG Full Access  *** JOIN BOTH ***

Make no mistake, if you decide to only get access to HMG, your still going to get plenty of Gia in the forums of HMG. You’ll just get ALL of Gia when you join her fan group. The true Gia fans are already joining and loving every second of enjoyment their getting from her group.

Mandy Lynne Fan GroupMandy Lynne is also a real Military Wife with an amazing body and great personality. Mandy is also the Fan Groups manager. She talks with all our new girls and informs them how the fan groups works and how they can make money from running one. Mandy is a very active poster of pictures and hardcore videos. If your looking for the real Military Wife and all of her sexual activities then Mandy is a perfect fit for you. She’s always available for her fans and loves hearing from them. Keep in mind now, our HMG girls are very busy and have thousands of messages a day, so their priorities are being in contact with their fan group members. The best way to get in touch with and get to know Mandy is to join her HMG fan group today.

Mandy Lynne’s HMG Profile *** MANDY LYNNE ***

Mandy Lynne’s Fan Group *** Mandy’s Fan Group ***

Join Mandy’s Fan Group and HMG Full Access *** JOIN BOTH ***

Mandy has lots of hardcore videos in her group and is very active on our social media pages as well. If your interested in starting your own Fan Group, contact Mandy via her HMG profile or on Facebook at *** Mandy’s Facebook Page ***

Lottie StarLottie Star is another amazing Military Wife who is very creative and comes up with amazing photo and video shoots for HMG, her fan group and our tube sites. Lottie also has some great hardcore videos as well as pictures. Lottie is what we’d like to call a very exclusive girl with a very fine tuned niche that’s just right for the people looking for a creative and sexy Military Wife. Her sexual attractiveness is almost accidental. She’s one of those women who is very attractive and she doesn’t even think so. We all know different. Lottie posts frequently in her group, on her HMG blog and our social media pages and groups. We invite you to get to know Lottie on HMG by friending her, joining her group and commenting on her posts.

Lottie Star’s HMG Profile *** Lottie Star ***

Lottie Star’s Fan Group *** Lottie’s Fan Group ***

Join Lottie’s Fan Group & HMG full access. *** JOIN BOTH ***

Lottie also has sponsored a number of Military Men from around the world, getting them full free access to HMG. If your looking for a sponsor, we highly recommend you get in contact with Lottie on her HMG profile.

Ashley Fan GroupNext we introduce Ashley. She is a prior Marine in college who has the most beautiful eyes you’ll ever look into. Ashley has been a long time follower and poster of HMG. For years she stops into HMG and uploads her beautiful pictures for us to enjoy. Ashley is a little shy. Her innocent and precious look is a favorite for those of us who are attracted to an outwardly innocent women who clearly has a bad ass side if needed. This Marine is smart, funny and enjoys the fun in sharing her sexy pictures. On the soft core side of things, Ashley is that girl you want to get to chat with and hope each day you get to see a little bit more of her body. But, she defiantly makes you want more.

Ashley’s HMG Profile *** Ashley ***

Ashley’s Fan Group *** Ashley’s Fan group ***

Join Ashley’s Fan Group and HMG full access *** JOIN BOTH ***

This Marine will keep you coming back daily hoping for that next fix. She makes you want more of her every day. When this innocent gorgeous girl shows her sexy side it will drive you crazy.

Rio Fan GroupRio Diamond is a naughty prior Air Force mans wife who has years of experience as promoter model. She is fun, smart and has gorgeous big tits you’ll never grow tired of looking at. Rio is a long time close friend of HMG owners and along with her husband run her amateur porn site Rio is very active on our social media pages as well as on HMG and her HMG fan group. She has a whole lot of pictures and videos you’ll just have to check out for yourself. Her members almost never cancel because she keeps proving them with new and exciting pictures and videos. She’s a MUST see for those looking for a long time membership to a dedicated long term HMG model who just keeps giving of herself for her fans and followers.

Rio Diamond HMG Profile *** Rio Diamond ***

Rio’s Fan Group *** Rio Fan Group ***

Join Rio’s Fan Group and HMG full access *** JOIN BOTH ***

Rio has lots of pictures and videos for your enjoyment and adds more ALL the time, so join her group now and get full HMG access for 1 special low price. HMG is always looking for real military girls, wives, girlfriends and supporters who want to start their own fan group.